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4R75E Need some help

This morning on my way to work driving up hill my truck (2004 F150 FX4) suddenly had a delayed shift and and seemed to like it went to neutral. I pulled to the side of the road no trans fault, shift light or CEL, checked the trans fluid and it seems fine, maybe the shifter cable came loose but it’s connected at both the shifter and the transmission. Tried shifting to reverse and no luck, no 4l or 4h.
I wasn’t going to mess with it too much on the side of the highway so I had it towed home.
Now I fear the worst. I pulled the transmission pan and filter off, the fluid is pretty dark but I planned on doing the trans service soon anyways. So I already have a new filter and gasket. Pulled the valve body off and all the valves are free and all the check balls are perfect. I’ve got the gaskets for the valve body coming to reinstall.

Anyone got any insight or advice on what’s going on?

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First thing you need to pull the codes. Get a scanner and hook to the adl under the dash. usually the 600 codes are transmission codes. could be a shift solenoid, wiring harness, connector sensor, etc. don't replace any parts until you get the codes.
another thing, was the light on the od cancel on the shifter flashing before this?
Was it shifting hard?
No everything was as normal no warning lights on the dash, no od light, no cel. I hooked up my code reader anyway and have 0 fault codes. I’m going to have my buddy come hook it up to his snapon scan tool this weekend.

I was going up hill, it didn’t shift hard but seemed delayed. Prior to this it was shifting normal.

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I jacked up the rear end and put it on jack stands. It turns but has no acceleration. Could my torque converter not be locking up and just free spinning?

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