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The latest tactics by scammers in forums - beware


Staff member
I know we don't have a LOT of classifieds participation here - hope to increase that at some point - but beware of a new tactic used by scammers in forums. Here's the scenario: you post a WTB thread. A member with no posting history PMs you saying they know someone who has what you need and put you in contact with them, giving you their email address. Their contact offers you a good deal and asks for a friends/family PayPal payment, that’s the only way they’ll do it.

Don’t go through with this, obviously. Make a normal payment or move on. Better yet, just move on. Report the user to me (or any moderator). Forward the PM contents to me so I can see it.

If you know of other scams like this, reply and give details of what to look out for. We’re not looking for people to call out bad experiences with others, we mean scams.