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Trans question

Hi everyone. Question is what bell housing to use. I just got a 1975 f350 and i have a 7.3 idi with low miles.truck has a FE motor in it and a granny 4 speed. Other the a 6.9 idi bell housing is there any others that will work? Thanks for any help


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6.9 and 7.3. With some modification to the lineup pin holes, a 460 bell can work. Otherwise, nothing. Next trick is flywheel and clutch. All IDI transmissions used a hydraulic clutch, but the 4 speed variant has a fork that is about the same as a linkage type. Don't remember if the clutch splines would work well on a non-diesel trans or not. The 5 speed version used from the factory a dual mass flywheel which had the springs in it while the 4 speed is more typoical in that it has the springs in the clutch disc.
So if i can find and use a 86 model bell housing can i moded the firer wall to mount the res for the hyd clutch. Then see if splines are the same to use about same year clutch. Bc i really dont want to change trans right know. As the truck is a wrecker


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I'd look for 88 or newer so you can get a zf-5-46. Gives you a nice first gear for take off, and overdrive.


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Zf5-46 has pto covers both sides

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